Ordering Information

Please refer to NG Pam 25-31/ANGI 33-360, Administrative Guidance for the Receipt of NGB Publications and Blank Forms, dated May 2006. This pamphlet establishes policy, procedures, and guidance for account management; requisition and distribution of materials; indexes and bulletins; and component listings, as associated with the Publications Management Center.

To receive publications and blank forms from the NGB Publications Management Center, requisitions must be submitted through an account representative that supports your organization. Requests will be submitted using NGB 13R, NGB Materials Requisition Sheet.

Army National Guard

Each State Headquarters has an account that is managed by the Information Management Office.

Air National Guard

Each Wing has an account that is managed by the Information Resource Management Office.

National Guard Bureau Directorates

Your account number is your office symbol. Submit your 13R directly to the NGB Publications Management Center.

All Others

Please contact us for assistance so we may direct you to the appropriate office

DD Forms

To order DD Forms please contact your State Administrative Services office. The State Administrator obtains copies of DD forms by contacting the Media Distribution Division, Directorate of Logistics at St. Louis https://dol.hqda.pentagon.mil/mediaDistribution.aspx


Historical Prints

Historical prints to include Heritage Series, Presidential Series, or State Mission Series are available for order. To view prints, ordering instructions, and print sizes, visit the Historical Prints tab. Complete a NGB Form 13R and submit to our organizational email ng.me.mearng.list.ngbpdc@mail.mil. Questions or concerns may be directed to: ng.me.mearng.list.ngbpdc@mail.mil.

The prints are free, however, the maximum order total cannot exceed five of each print. Orders exceeding authorized limits will need a memorandum for justification. ARNG-CSO-FCP has the authority to approve or reject any order if deemed fraudulent or wasteful.