Welcome to the National Guard Bureau Publications Library

The purpose of this library is to make authorized National Guard Bureau Army National Guard and joint publications available in electronic PDF format. Publications on this site are unclassified and authorized for public access. Publications on this site include; Chief National Guard Bureau Publications, National Guard Regulations, Technician Regulations, Special Documents and Bulletins. We also list obsolete publications, however these are only available upon request. To request electronic copies of the obsolete documents, please send us a complete description of the product you are looking for to include the title and date of the publication. Requests for obsolete publications can be sent to ng.me.mearng.list.ngbpdc@mail.mil.

Types of Publications

CNGBI Chief of the National Guard Bureau Instructions. These establish policy and assign responsibilities, including defining the authorities and responsibilities of subordinate officials or elements, and may provide general procedures for implementing policy. CNGBIs are signed by the CNGB, who may delegate this authority to the Vice Chief of the National Guard Bureau (VCNGB) or to Directorate General Officers and Senior Executive Service (SES) officials in a delegation of authority memorandum. The Strategy, Policy, Plans and International Affairs Directorate (NGB-J5) Policy Branch (NGB-J52-P) and the NGB Joint Actions Control Office Executive Secretariat Editorial Branch (NGB-JACO-ExecSec-E) will maintain a copy of such delegations.

CNGBM Chief of the National Guard Bureau Manuals. These provide detailed procedures and processes to implement policy established by CNGBIs. CNGBMs may be promulgated, signed, and issued as needed by the respective Directors that are named as the proponent for that responsibility in the associated CNGBI. The responsibility paragraph in each CNGBI serves as the authority to produce the associated CNGBMs. The proponent Director may delegate signature authority in writing to a level no lower than Colonel (O-6) or civilian equivalent (GS-15). A copy of such delegation will be provided to NGB-J52-P and NGB-JACO-ExecSec-E, and maintained by both parties.

CNGBN Chief of the National Guard Bureau Notices. These serve the same purpose as CNGBIs or CNGBMs but are issued only for time-sensitive actions as validated by the NGB Joint Staff Chief of Staff (NGBJS-CoS). CNGBNs will be incorporated into an existing CNGBI or CNGBM, become a new CNGBI or CNGBM, or will expire one year from the date of publication. CNGBNs are signed by the CNGB, who may delegate this authority in a CNGBI or a delegation of authority memorandum, to the VCNGB or Directorate General Officers and SES officials. NGB-J52-P and NGB-JACO-ExecSec-E will maintain a copy of such delegations. Time sensitive actions are generally those that are a matter of urgent national security or domestic emergency, or are required by recent change in law, DoD policy, or government-wide regulation.

NGR National Guard Regulations. These regulations apply to the Army National Guard. Older National Guard Regulations may apply to both the Army and Air National Guard however, as of December 2017, these joint type regulations only remain applicable to the ARNG.

TPR Technician Personnel Regulations. These regulations apply to all Title 32 USC National Guard technicians employed by the Army National Guard (ARNG) and Air National Guard (ANG) in the various states and territories, as defined by 10 USC§§ 10216 & 10217. Title 5 USC Chapter 75 adverse actions do not apply to National Guard technicians.

Special Documents Special documents listed on this site are applicable to either the ARNG or ANG. The documents are specific to certain functions and organizations within the National Guard.

Bulletins The NGB Publications Bulletin is published once a month. The information provided in each bulletin includes new, revised, obsolete and superseded publications and forms; information of general interest concerning publications, blank forms, and component listings to include advance information on changes and corrections; and excess publications, blank forms. These bulletins are available on the NGB Publications & Forms Library web site in Adobe (PDF) format.